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…and took out what I later learned was a flogger. A masturbating teen boys moments later I felt the leather tongs of the flogger sqishing lightly over my back, ass and thighs, and to my surprise my cock started to stiffen against the barn wall. But then I sensed him stepping back a little and steadying himself. ′′Okay, lets get down to breaking you in boy′′ he said in a cruel sounding voice. I wasn′t ready when the leather-tongs of the flooger struck me hard across my ass. I felt pain spread all through me and I yelled out in pain. ′′We′re miles from anywhere, yell as much as you like boy′′ he said, just as he landed another lash of the flogger on my soft ass. He was enjoying turning my ass from pale white to rosy red and so I learned to stop yelling and instead just bit my lips. He struck my ass harder and harder with the flooger and I started to sob as tears flooded into my eyes, and I thought I would pass out. But at last he stopped and thongs for teen boys a surprising turn of kindness he started gently carressing my sore ass. And his other hand reached around to my crotch and tenderly stroked my cock until it was again standing rock hard. He leaned his mouth against the side of shirtless teen boys head and said softly ′′good boy, are you going to be my bitch′′. I was so grateful he was now treating me kindly that I honestly answered ′′ hairy teen boys Sir, use me as your bitch, Sir′′. He then untied my wrists from the rings on the wall and I almost collapsed onto the earth floor. He ordered teen boys videos to get down on all gay naked teen boys and follow him like a dog to the centre of the barn. I did not mind bec…

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…close to creaming in his mouth. I felt the electricity as my balls began to stir, and finally felt the cum rise to my cock and shoot into my slave′s throat. I grunted loudly with each spurt of semen I fed to my slave, and he gobbled it up hungrily. After a moment, I pulled my cock from his lips. I had got off really good in this guy′s mouth, but I still had an urge to use him more. I wondered when I might have this opporitunity to have a slave again free nude teen boys be. I had no idea, so I figured I′d better get it while the gettin′ was good. I saw that his poor cock was still rock hard, and thought teen boys having sex a moment about how else I could abuse my guest.

"Ok, faggot, get outta those pants now," I said cooly. He quickly stripped from all his clothing and stood before me naked. He was built really teen boys in speedos He didn′t have the young gay teen boys nude appearance of what I′d imagine a slave to be at all. He was tall and strong-looking, his broad chest covered with soft reddish hair, teen boys love galleries same hair that surrounded his very hard cock.

"Can I please touch my cock now, Sir?"
I had something else in mind. I told him, teen boys sucking not yet, and led him into the bathroom. I instucted him to lean over the commode so I could look at his ass. He did this quickly, with a "Yes, Sir,&…

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…when his cock penetrated my hole it didn′t hurt as much as the first time but it did when he started to thrust it up into my ass. I moaned as his cock began to tear up my ass for a second time. I leaned close to him, ran teen boys hairstyles hand down gay teen boys sex chest, played with his nipple alittle before going down teen boys sex movie rest of the way teen boys and twinks where his cock was and grabbing onto it and began to move my body up and down in sync with his thrusting. I put my free hand under teen boys chin and lifted his head up to mine and laid a passionate kiss on top ten gifts for teen boys lips. Our lips seperated but his face was close to my own when he started moaning and by the look on his face I knew he was close to cumming. With a few last thrusts…

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Carlos Castings Videos

Here’s a few Free Video galleries from the all new Twink Euro site Carlos Castings.Free Video Gallery 1Free Video Gallery 2Free Video Gallery 3Free Video Gallery 4

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Siberian Boys Videos

Here are some Free Video galleries from the popular Rusian Twink Porn site Siberian Boys.Twink Porn Movies 1Twink Porn Movies 2Twink Porn Movies 3Twink Porn Movies 4Twink Porn Movies 5

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Here’s a little cute Boy eye candy from the popular new Gay Porn site Squirtz.View Sascha’s Photo GalleryView Ben’s Photo GalleryView Jose’s Photo Gallery

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Lesbian comic to headline White House correspondents’ dinner

(New York City) Wanda Sykes will soon get the chance to make fun of President Barack Obama to his face.

The comic actress said Thursday that she has been selected as the entertainer at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner in Washington, slated for May 9.

Obama is expected to attend the …

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Some News & Gossip

The Headlines for Tuesday — Here’s a few gay news headlines and bits of gossip that have caught my eyes — some of them even made me do a double-take:
Celebs / Beauty: I was reading the paper version of Vanity Fair and found out that Dame Edna and M.A.C Cosmetics has teamed up. (Although the […]

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TV station nixes anti-gay infomercial after outrage

(Grand Rapids, Michigan) A Grand Rapids television station that found itself in the middle of the battle between gays and the conservative American Family Association has dropped plans to air a one-hour paid commercial on the “radical homosexual agenda.”

The AFA, which regularly fights LGBT civil rights legislation, originally bought time …

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Extreme Penetration

Check out this hot gay bondage flick! This horny guys love a whole fist up the ass and a good cock pounding.Check out the free movieclips overhere

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